The Aviation Group headquarters in the USA, represented by Aircraft Center LLC, was established to meet the needs of small aviation. Helps design, assemble and personalize General Aviation aircraft. Due to production costs, our factory is located in Poland, products to Europe are shipped from the factory in Poland, in the USA from the headquarters in Wyoming.


Assemble your Kit plane with US

Construction support program We offer a Constructor Assistance Program

– a place where you can send your KIT, go to our headquarters and get professional instructions and help from experienced designers as you learn and build your aircraft. The law requires that you (you or more co-owners) do at least 51% of the construction yourself, but if you want, you can get educational help from the professionals working with you. The Builder Assist program offered by Aircraft Center involves providing full support, experience and infrastructure of our partner in Poland, CGL FLY. Aircraft Center, through CGL FLY, is responsible for managing the entire process from the moment the aircraft owner places an order with the manufacturer. Therefore, the process is organized as follows;

– Aircraft Center, through CGL FLY, is responsible for establishing, together with the aircraft manufacturer, a schedule for the delivery and transport of the set, which in turn will be sent to Poland.

– After 30 days from the date of receipt of the kit at CGL FLY, everything will be properly checked, organized, separated and identified so that the aircraft assembly process can begin.

– From this moment, the owner of the aircraft will be authorized to travel to Poland with one person in order to formally start the construction support process. CGL FLY covers the cost of 2 plane tickets and accommodation for 2 people for a period of 4 weeks.

– Thanks to a previously established work plan by CGL FLY specialists, the owner of the aircraft, alone or together with another person, must devote 4 weeks of training and intensive work to achieve 51% of building the aircraft independently. The entire process is fully recorded and monitored along with the necessary documentation.

– During and after the entire process, the quality control department will ensure the level of perfection in the final result.

– After the owner of the aircraft leaves CGL FLY, the aircraft will go through the process of painting, interior finishing and installation of the electrical harness and avionics

– Then, Aircraft Center, through CGL FLY, organizes the process of transporting the aircraft to the USA or the destination country.


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